Sierah Strong Scholarship Application

Curriculum Financial Scholarship Application

We feel strongly that no school should miss the opportunity to empower their students with functional knowledge and safety skills. To further encourage schools and the community to create a safe environment, Justice for Sierah will provide cost-assistance scholarships to schools needing financial help. To qualify for the Sierah Strong Financial Scholarship, you must complete the application below. 

About the Curriculum

Sierah Strong is a curriculum-based program that meets state standards and is intended to be taught annually. Our goal is to empower students with functional knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe online and in the community. This curriculum is composed of three middle school health lessons with the goal of developing additional lessons for kindergarten through second grade and third through fifth grade. Complementing the health lessons are three levels of physical education self-defense instruction that will include four lessons in each level for middle school students. The goal is to add additional physical education lessons for kindergarten through second grade and third through fifth grade.
Justice for Sierah’s vision is for young people to grow, learn and thrive in safe and supportive communities. Its mission is to protect communities by implementing the Ohio violent offender database, known as Sierah’s Law, in all 50 states. Justice for Sierah’s work also includes empowering our youth by establishing self-awareness and self-defense into school curriculum and communities through the Sierah Strong program.

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