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Sierah Strong for the Community

Sierah Strong teaches self-awareness and defense training provided year-round by Justice for Sierah free of charge. Young people ages six to sixteen learn how to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations and receive laminated KidPrint IDs that feature their photo, fingerprint, and vital statistics such as height, weight, and hair color to help find a missing child. This is essential because your fingerprint NEVER changes!

Since 2019, we have empowered nearly 1,000 boys and girls with this program!
We have recently expanded to start offering it in Michigan, as well. 

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KidPrint ID

ID badge featuring either side on top and bottom. The first side shows the child's name, date of birth, and vital statistics, and a photograph. The reverse side shows a thumbprint and a guide for what to do if your child goes missing.

Example KidPrint ID

KidPrint IDs are a way for parents to provide vital information quickly in the event of an emergency. This laminated card has a picture of the child and pertinent information for law enforcement to get out to the community like height, weight, hair, and eye color to find a missing child.

The card also has the child’s fingerprint and a list of steps parents should take in a crisis situation on the back of the card. Why is this important? Your fingerprint NEVER changes!

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