Ce’s Story

My name is Sierah Joughin, or “Ce” for short. I was kidnapped while riding my bike in July 2016 by a repeat, violent offender in my community. While I may be gone, my story has only just begun.

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Sierah’s Law

Sierah’s Law officially became a law on December 19th, 2018! Click below to learn more.

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Spirit of Sierah Run

Thank you to all who joined us for the 2019 annual Spirit of Sierah Run. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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Our Mission

Justice for Sierah, Inc. is a non-profit organization working to protect communities by implementing the Ohio violent offender registry, known as Sierah’s Law, in all 50 states. Our work also includes empowering our youth by establishing self-awareness and self-defense into school curriculum and communities through the Sierah Strong Program.

About Us

Justice For Sierah, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to honor the life and legacy of Sierah Joughin. Sierah was 20 years old when she was taken from our community in 2016 by a repeat violent offender. Following her death, Justice for Sierah worked tirelessly to educate Ohio lawmakers for the passage of Sierah’s Law. In December 2018, Sierah’s Law passed unanimously in the Ohio House with a vote of 85-0. The law created a violent offender database now used by law enforcement and everyday citizens to find out where violent offenders live in our communities and to protect our families.

Young woman in leather jacket and white shirt, standing front of a row of trees, facing camera, smiling

We are thrilled to announce that the Sierah Strong Curriculum pilot program was used in local schools earlier this year, reaching over 50 students! Sierah Strong’s mission is to empower students with functional knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe online and in the community. This curriculum is important because children can be targeted by predators due to their vulnerability. Our long term goal is that Sierah Strong will be taught each year in kindergarten through eighth grade. The curriculum is now available for middle school students and allows for repetitive training so that if a child is in a compromising situation they are more likely to respond appropriately. Sierah Strong will meet state standards and be ingrained in our education system that self-defense, empowerment, and knowledge are the first step towards protecting our youth.

We continue to provide Sierah Strong for the Community and have expanded our services to Michigan. This program provides a KidPrint ID, a laminated ID that features the child’s photo, vital statistics such as height, weight, and hair color along with a fingerprint to help find a missing child.  The program also teaches self-awareness and self-defense techniques for boys and girls, ages 6-16. Since starting in 2019, we have empowered nearly 700 children and will continue to provide this program to our community FREE of charge.

As you can see, we have a big, but life-saving mission ahead of us and we are excited for the future. Supporting Justice for Sierah is a direct investment in your child’s future, and in the future safety of the communities we know and love. Your support will help us continue to grow our mission, ensuring safer communities for years to come.