• Supporters Gather


    While parties debate different aspects of the bill, hundreds of supporters and friends of Sierah gathered for the first annual Spirit of Sierah 5K race. The event rallies the community in support for Sierah’s Law and safer streets for our children, which they flooded with purple!

  • New Bill Number Assigned


    Introduced to Senate as SB 231, many revisions were made to SB 67 and a new bill number was assigned.

  • Proponent Hearing


    Senator Randy Gardner gave sponsor testimony for now revised bill, S.B. 231.

  • Opponent/Interested Party Hearing


    Hearing for now revised bill, S.B. 231.

  • Sierah’s Law passes in the Ohio Senate with 31 yeas and 2 nays


    Sierah’s Law Passes the Senate

  • Introduced to House


    SB 231 is introduced to the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee

  • Proponent Hearing


    Senator Randy Gardner, Sheila Vaculik and Wood County Sheriff Wasylyshyn gave testimony on why this bill should be put in place.

  • Opponent/Interested Party Hearing


    A speaker from ACLU of Ohio, Toledoans for Prison Awareness and Ohio Rational Sexual Offense Laws spoke of their concerns with the bill.

  • Sierah’s Law Passes the House


    Sierah’s Law passes the Ohio House with a 92 yea and 0 nays.

  • Sierah’s Law Passes the Senate Concurrence Vote


    Sierah’s Law passes the Senate for concurrence vote with 24 yeas and 3 nays. Sierah’s grandmother, mother and aunt jumped for joy at the passing of Sierah’s Law, in front of the Ohio Congress

  • Signed into Law


    Sierah’s Law is signed into law by Governor John Kasich.