Sierah Strong

Sierah Strong for the Schools

Justice for Sierah is proud to announce the formation of Sierah Strong in the schools. It is essential to empower our young people to be self-aware and practice self-defense. We are working with education leaders to create a curriculum-based program, that will be taught annually in kindergarten through eighth grade in Ohio schools. Sierah Strong will meet state standards and be ingrained in our education system that self-defense, empowerment, and knowledge are the first step towards protecting our youth.

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Sierah Strong for the Community

Self defense class, young woman in foreground kicking a board held by older boy

Sierah Strong for the community empowers our youth by providing self-awareness and self-defense techniques to kids ages six to sixteen years old. Each child who attends this FREE program receives a KidPrint ID – a laminated card that features the child’s photo, vital statistics such as height, weight, and hair color along with a fingerprint to find a missing child. (read more below).

Two Age Group Classes Available:
  • 6-10 Years Old
  • 11-16 Years Old
Please see our Events page to see when the next class will be held.


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KidPrint ID

ID badge featuring either side on top and bottom. The first side shows the child's name, date of birth, and vital statistics, and a photograph. The reverse side shows a thumbprint and a guide for what to do if your child goes missing.

Example KidPrint ID

KidPrint IDs are a way for parents to provide vital information quickly in the event of an emergency. This laminated card has a picture of the child and pertinent information for law enforcement to get out to the community like height, weight, hair and eye color to find a missing child.

The card also has the child’s fingerprint and a list of steps parents should take in a crisis situation on the back of the card. The Wood County Sheriff’s Office also have the  KidPrint ID machine.

Finding F.O.C.U.S.

Young adult woman in white t-shirt, smiling at camera, grey background

Sensei Amanda Kaufman

The Finding F.O.C.U.S. class is taught by Amanda Kaufman of Advancing Karate, Ltd., a Fourth Degree Black Belt and Self-Defense Instructor. This hands-on, age-appropriate, practical and basic self-defense introduction focuses on developing the “can-do” attitude, awakening awareness to the use of our body’s natural weapons while increasing confidence and lessening the impact of the psychological surprise – the potential physical and emotional responses to an unexpected attack and/or attempted abduction.

Through appropriate education and instruction of these practical self-defense skills & applications, the goal is to successfully empower the participant to avoid/thwart an attack to achieve release and create the opportunity to escape to safety. While no one can predict or promise an outcome, the goal is to achieve release and create the opportunity to escape to safety.

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