Sierah’s Birthday Soiree

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, this year’s Birthday Soiree has been postponed to May 13, 2022 at 7 PM. Click the link below for more information and to register!

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Sierah’s Law

Sierah’s Law officially became a law on December 19th, 2018! Click below to learn more.

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Sierah’s Story

My name is Sierah Joughin, or “Ce” for short. I was kidnapped while riding my bike in July 2016 by a repeat, violent offender in my community. While I may be gone, my story has only just begun.

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Our Mission

Justice for Sierah, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to protect communities by implementing the Ohio violent offender database, known as Sierah’s Law, in all 50 states. Our work also includes empowering our youth by establishing self-awareness and self-defense into school curriculum and communities through the Sierah Strong Program.

Our Passion

In 2016, 20-year-old Sierah Joughin’s life was cut short by a repeat violent offender in Northwest Ohio. Since then, the Justice for Sierah organization has been committed to ensuring no more young people meet this fate. Our multifaceted approach includes teaching Sierah Strong, our self-awareness and defense programming, and educating lawmakers and the public on the value of violent offender databases like those established through Sierah’s Law.

Our Impact

  • Since first offering Sierah Strong for the Community in 2019, we have empowered nearly 900 young people and will continue to provide this program to our community FREE of charge.
  • We are currently pilot testing the Sierah Strong for the Schools Curriculum in over a dozen schools, with a planned rollout to all interested schools in 2022
  • In December 2018, Sierah’s Law passed unanimously in the Ohio House with a vote of 85-0. The law created a violent offender database now used by law enforcement and everyday citizens to find out where violent offenders live in our communities and to protect our families.
  • We have established three annual scholarships to celebrate Sierah’s lasting legacy in our community and to make sure she continues to make a difference for many generations to come.